Celebrating A Birthday The Montessori Way

The Celebration of Life is a popular Montessori birthday tradition that helps children understand the months of the year and the earth’s revolution around the sun each year. Not only is it a lesson on the science of time, it’s a engaging and meaningful way for children to feel special and connected with their place in the world.

The teacher begins by explaining that the class is going to be celebrating a birthday and that the earth has traveled around the sun four times since the birthday girl was born.

A “sun” is created in the center of the group (in this case, the “sun” is made out of small chocolate treats). The teacher reminds the children that the sun is at the center of our solar system, and that the earth travels around it just one time each year. The birthday girl holds a globe (which represents the earth) and she begins her journey around the “sun” – one time for each year of her life.

Once the child finishes her symbolic journey, her classmates sing “Happy Birthday” and the students share in a special birthday treat – a piece of our chocolate sun!

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