Brave Parents + Creative Educators = ?

Being a parent is a tough job; a life-long commitment that is delivered without a ‘how-to’ manual and unlimited variables.

Being an educator is a tough job.  It is a chosen life-long commitment that comes with many ‘how-to’ manuals and unlimited variables.

We want our children to be successful. We want to help them along the path to success in every way that we possibly can.  In order to do that, we may need to take a step back and first ask ourselves:

     How do I define success?

     How do I define success for my child?

As parents – and educators – it’s easy to get caught in the comparison trap; Is Sam ‘behind’ or ‘ahead’ of Jack? Is 3 year-old Jessica doomed because she can’t spell her name?

The journey to ‘success’ (however you define it), is not the same for each child, and it takes brave parents and creative educators to unite as a team to help students discover their individual talents and reach their full potential. (See Related Post: Make it Personal)

Have a look at this interesting article that discusses how self-control – not I.Q. – may in fact be a better predictor of future success. Then ask yourself again:  How do I define success for my child?

Article: Teaching Self-Control Is More Important than Academics


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