The Upper Elementary curriculum is a dynamic continuation of the work and studies from the previous levels.

This next level of education guides the students as they move away from more concrete, fact-based learning, into an age of abstraction and reason. Fueled by exceptional strong imaginations and a desire to understand how things work, the Upper Elementary Students are well prepared for a curriculum that challenges them with advanced ideas in literature, history, science, mathematics, and language.

As the students continue through what Dr. Montessori called the Intellectual Period, they develop intellectually, socially and morally, as active participants in their classroom communities and their own learning. Hands-on learning, coupled with more abstract work, discussions, and experiential education, create a balance of learning experiences for the active minds and bodies of the Upper Elementary students. Group work is highlighted throughout the curriculum, to create a productive and positive outlet for these very social students. Ongoing independent work is also vital, and allows students to challenge themselves, hone organizational skills and build a solid foundation of academic skills.

Pupils (11-13) wearing goggles watching experiment in science class

  • recognize and manage their emotions,
  • demonstrate caring and concern for others,
  • establish positive relationships,
  • make responsible decisions, and
  • constructively handle challenging social situations.


All Upper Elementary students spend 30 minutes a week either in the library and use Technology to work on classroom initiated projects.

Exit Standards for Library

  • How to use a book to answer specific inquiries
  • Use other sorts of reference materials
  • Learn to make a bibliography/source page
  • Learn to judge source materials
  • Note taking
  • Answer questions verbally, or in writing, about a selection read
  • Understand how to narrow or broaden an inquiry
  • Evaluate and restate information in his/her own words from reference sources

Exit Standards for Technology

In support of curriculum, students will learn and/or use software tools such as:

word processing





digital image manipulation

mixed media

  • Keyboarding practice