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Many years ago, I needed to decide whether I should have my son, who was going to turn three the next September, educated in the Montessori environment or a day care. As my son is my first child, at that time I had little knowledge of Montessori or day care. Though after internet researching, my analysis told me that Montessori education is superior, I still didn’t feel ready to select Montessori environment for my son.

A few months later, a casual conversation with a colleague, a mother of two, finally and quickly made me choose Montessori for my son. My colleague is an intelligent and successful career woman. During that conversation, she told me that both her daughters were in a Montessori School as she believed the best thing that parents can give to their children is good education. Since the recommendation was from this colleague, who was well known for her quality decisions at work, was consistent with my judgement, I decided to place my son, the only child I had at that time, in the hands of Montessori environment.

Seven years have passed. the decision I made at that time was proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.