Soon after my decision, I realized that the selection of Montessori education was just the start, because each Montessori school is different and my job, as a mother, was to find the best fit for my son. I made many phone calls to various Montessori schools that were located between my home and work, and actually visited five schools which passed my telephone screening. Two schools didn’t meet my expectation, and one which did meet is far more expensive than the market price. The other two schools were on my short list. After a few days of debating, finally my husband and I decided to select Ellington Montessori.

The first impression that Ms. Deborah gave me was she was very professional and strict. Originally I was very hesitant, as I didn’t want to cope with such a tough principal in the next several years. Fortunately my friend, who recommended Montessori to me, convinced me that a strict principal guarantees the quality of a school. As always, my friend was right.

After more in-depth communication with Ms. Deborah, I realized that Ms. Deborah and I share the same fundamentals regarding education. The major difference between her and me is she is equipped with 20+ years of experience and constructed theories, whereas I am just an amateur and a mother with infinite love to her children. My two children  had stayed at Ellington for nine years until my family moved to a different city. I am so glad that as a mother, I could put my children into hands that I trust for early education. I trust Ms. Deborah is not only because she is strives to offer a safe, hygienic and pleasant learning environment, but most importantly because Ellington shaped my children in the way that I’d want them to be shaped.

There is no doubt that I want my children to do well academically, but I believe most importantly they should be happy by feeling a sense of achievement. They should be able to judge between right and wrong and have the ability to make quality decisions for themselves. I have seen many intelligent children who has impressive academic achievement but just don’t know how to behave. I am so glad that I selected Ellington, a well balanced school, which has built the fundamentals for my children to become well balanced humans.