2017 EMS Summer Program

Ellington Montessori School is pleased to offer a summer camp program that will present a wide variety of fun and exciting activities within a warm and caring environment. The 2017 program will run for 8 weeks, beginning July 4th and ending on August 25th. Campers will explore a new theme every other week. Each ‘theme’ will inspire that week’s lessons, indoor and outdoor play activities, arts & crafts, physical education and excursions. The EMS Summer Program is open to all children from 15 months to 9 years of age.
Program themes, fees and a link to the registration form can be found below.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weekly Program Themes

Earth Week: July 4th – July 14th 
Explore relationships and life cycles of plants using our five senses. Investigate adaptations and environments. Jump into our gardening project to help create a safe and happy place for butterflies and honey bees. Scavenge for rocks and minerals and learn about urban environments through soil experiments.


Space Week: July 17th – July 28th
Blast off into space with us as we explore the names and attributes of each of the planets. Take in a touch of astrology as we recount some of the stories of the constellations, all while learning their names. Discover how rockets fly and create model rocket ships. Take a trip to the Ontario Science Centre to visit the planetarium where we will explore meteorites from Mars, cosmic rays and black holes!


Around the World: July 31st – August 11th

Travel with us around the world as we learn to identify continents and countries. Explore new cultures, food and games indigenous to each continent. Discover which countries our favourite animals and plants come from.


Animal Kingdom: August 14th – Augus 25th

Discover the wonders of the animal world. Learn the five classifications and their hierarchy in the food chain. Explore the needs and characteristics of some of your favourite species along with the growth and changes to their habitats. Complete a Animal Passport during a day spent at the Toronto Zoo, investigating the homes and characteristics of all of the wildlife.


Please note: July 3rd and August 7th are Holidays. There will be no camp on these days.

2017 Summer Program Fees*

Ages 15 months to 5 years Ages 6 to 9 years
Half Day (9:00 am to 11:30 am) $200.00 per week $250.00 per week
Full Day (9:00 am to 3:30 pm)** $300.00 per week $350.00 per week
Extended Day (8:00 am to 6:00 pm)** $350.00 per week $400.00 per week

* Fees are valid until August 25th, 2017 and are subject to change without notice.

** Program includes a hot lunch and snack


Click Here to Register


*Please note that space in our summer program is limited and submission of this registration form does not guarantee immediate acceptance into the program. Spaces will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. EMS will contact you directly to confirm acceptance.