George, Joanne, Téa and Elise Christopoulos

Both Joanne and I are writing to express our gratitude for the education, attention and love Ellington Montessori School (EMS) has given our daughters, Téa and Elise, over the past 12 years.

Back in 2000, when we were looking for a school for Téa we visited several places but it was after entering Ms. Monique’s and Ms. Rachel’s Casa classroom that we felt like we had found what we were looking for; work stations and learning materials with an educational purpose, covering a wide range of developmental skills. For us, EMS was an obvious choice and we are forever grateful with our decision to place both our girls in your school’s care.

From day one, your school offered Téa and Elise a loving, safe and appropriately challenging academic environment for children. In their time there, they received exceptional instruction and heartfelt love and affection from all their dedicated and compassionate teachers – which are too many to name.

We sincerely feel the love of learning, strong life values and the intellectual simulation gained by Téa and Elise at EMS will serve as a strong, solid foundation as they grow up and move forward with their lives.

Today, our girls are both excelling in their respective schools. Both Joanne and I feel that the investment we made in their education at EMS was invaluable and will be the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

We would highly recommend EMS to everyone who is looking for a loving environment that focuses on teaching the kids and helping them to blossom academically, socially and emotionally.

Please do not hesitate to ask anyone to contact us should they have questions or when we may assist.

Sincerely, George, Joanne, Téa and Elise Christopoulos

George, Joanne, Téa and Elise Christopoulos


Many years ago, I needed to decide whether I should have my son, who was going to turn three the next September, educated in the Montessori environment or a day care. As my son is my first child, at that time I had little knowledge of Montessori or day care. Though after internet researching, my analysis told me that Montessori education is superior, I still didn’t feel ready to select Montessori environment for my son.

A few months later, a casual conversation with a colleague, a mother of two, finally and quickly made me choose Montessori for my son. My colleague is an intelligent and successful career woman. During that conversation, she told me that both her daughters were in a Montessori School as she believed the best thing that parents can give to their children is good education. Since the recommendation was from this colleague, who was well known for her quality decisions at work, was consistent with my judgement, I decided to place my son, the only child I had at that time, in the hands of Montessori environment.

Seven years have passed. the decision I made at that time was proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.



Soon after my decision, I realized that the selection of Montessori education was just the start, because each Montessori school is different and my job, as a mother, was to find the best fit for my son. I made many phone calls to various Montessori schools that were located between my home and work, and actually visited five schools which passed my telephone screening. Two schools didn’t meet my expectation, and one which did meet is far more expensive than the market price. The other two schools were on my short list. After a few days of debating, finally my husband and I decided to select Ellington Montessori.

The first impression that Ms. Deborah gave me was she was very professional and strict. Originally I was very hesitant, as I didn’t want to cope with such a tough principal in the next several years. Fortunately my friend, who recommended Montessori to me, convinced me that a strict principal guarantees the quality of a school. As always, my friend was right.

After more in-depth communication with Ms. Deborah, I realized that Ms. Deborah and I share the same fundamentals regarding education. The major difference between her and me is she is equipped with 20+ years of experience and constructed theories, whereas I am just an amateur and a mother with infinite love to her children. My two children  had stayed at Ellington for nine years until my family moved to a different city. I am so glad that as a mother, I could put my children into hands that I trust for early education. I trust Ms. Deborah is not only because she is strives to offer a safe, hygienic and pleasant learning environment, but most importantly because Ellington shaped my children in the way that I’d want them to be shaped.

There is no doubt that I want my children to do well academically, but I believe most importantly they should be happy by feeling a sense of achievement. They should be able to judge between right and wrong and have the ability to make quality decisions for themselves. I have seen many intelligent children who has impressive academic achievement but just don’t know how to behave. I am so glad that I selected Ellington, a well balanced school, which has built the fundamentals for my children to become well balanced humans.



T*** and I are both over the moon with the experience our girls are having there. It’s a testament to each of you. We are excited for our future together!

Mr. D, Parent - Toronto, ON

Went here when I was a youngster. Looking back, the lessons I learned while at Ellington Montessori are some of the most valuable I have learned throughout my career as a student and as a professional. Truly a second to none school.

Chris Reel - Tampa, Florida

Fantastic school to send your children to and feel confident that they have your child’s best interests!

Karen May Lam - Toronto, ON

We had a wonderful experience with Ellington Montessori School and I always recommend it!

Zoran Karapancev - Toronto, Ontario

We are so thankful and blessed to have met you.  With each new day and circumstance, we respect and appreciate you that much more.  Thank you for everything that you have done & will do to help us build up & foster the best child we can.

Brian and Gina - Toronto, ON

My kids attended Ellington many years ago and absolutely loved it. As a parent, the attention to detail is incomparable. My kids grew up being well rounded and better citizens.
Asked if I would do it again? Definitely YES!

Jim Cheung - Toronto, ON

Ellington has helped me grow as person since I first started as a 3 year old and continues to do so in my current life. Ms. Deborah is someone I still find myself going to for advice and just for casual conversation, hands down the best place to send your children.

Deven Doodnath - Toronto, ON