Our Mission

To create a safe, nurturing environment dedicated to the social, academic and physical development of each child.

Our Vision

To empower our students with the necessary skills to reach their fullest potential and contribute to society in a positive and meaningful manner.

We are committed to achieving our Mission and Vision by:

  • providing an environment which is appealing to the child and conducive to learning
  • fostering respect for others and oneself
  • keeping parents educated and informed of their child’s progress and inviting them to become involved in the learning process
  • supporting individuality and celebrating differences so that each child may reach his/her full potential
  • building self-esteem and confidence through the development of independence
  • offering a wide variety of experiences to broaden the sense of global awareness within the larger community outside of school
  • enhancing the whole-child learning experience with enriched programmes, including French, music, dramatic arts, visual arts, physical education and technology


Pupils (11-13) wearing goggles watching experiment in science class