Ellington Montessori School was founded in 1990 by Ms. Deborah L. Renwick. Ms. Renwick opened the school with the purpose of operating a single Casa classroom accommodating 20 students. By the end of the first year, enrolment had increased substantially and expansion was on the horizon. The fall of 1992, the first elementary class was opened and the school grew over the next decade to include classes up to the 8th grade. Eventually, EMS outgrew its cozy Lawrence Avenue campus, and in February of 2013 moved to its current location at 40 Cowdray Court, just north of the 401 off of Kennedy Road, in Toronto. EMS’ new home is a single-story building boasting 20,000 square feet of space, situated on two and a half acres of land.

The school has seven classrooms: Toddler (18mos.-2.5 years), Casa (2.5 years-6 years), Lower Elementary (6-9 years), Upper Elementary (9-12 years) and Middle School (12-14 years) a designated French classroom and one class being used as a common drop off area, at this time . The classrooms were specially built-out featuring unique natural light features and access to water and washroom facilities either close by or in class (toddler only). The school population reflects a diverse multicultural community. The faculty and students contribute to community via outreach programmes and community services. Ellington Montessori School prides itself on its outstanding reputation within the Montessori and private school community as having a highly regarded academic and well-rounded educational program. EMS is an accredited school and is in compliance with current Building Code, Fire Code, and Ministry of Health requirements and is listed under the Ministry of Education. All faculty and adults who are in regular contact with the students are required to submit an annual police reference check, as safety is a primary concern.

Ms. Renwick, the current Head-of-School and sole owner/operator of EMS, sat on the CCMA Board of Directors for over a decade, in numerous positions. She was instrumental in the development of its website, the accreditation process and best practices. EMS received its first accreditation in 1998. Ms. Renwick continues to support CCMA as a consultant.