It’s Not Just About Learning Your ABC’s

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Parents that are ‘shopping’ around for the right school often ask: What makes EMS different?  For starters, we believe that a true measure of success should be in the comprehension and application of information, not simply memorization. Does it require more effort on the part of the teachers and students? Yes. Does it require true commitment and dedication? Yes. Will it make your child more successful in the long run. Absolutely.


Alyssa is one of our grade two students.  As part of a spelling assignment, students were asked to write sentences using the words they had been learning throughout the week.  Alyssa not only spelled her words correctly, but clearly demonstrated her comprehension of those words in the sentences that she wrote (all on her own).  Being able to spell ‘big words’ is one thing.  Understanding the meaning of those words and applying them correctly in written work (or in a conversation), is what all schools should be aiming for.

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